Kerry Boytin Awarded Frank J. Ferro Heart of CenterSquare Award

December 2023

On December 8, 2023, CenterSquare proudly presented the prestigious “Frank J. Ferro Heart of CenterSquare Award” to Kerry Boytin, our exceptional Executive Assistant. This esteemed award is a tribute to the memory of our dearly missed General Counsel Emeritus, Frank J. Ferro. Frank’s legacy spans over 17 years with CenterSquare, where he not only offered invaluable legal counsel but also provided unwavering guidance and infectious positivity to all within our family. The Heart of CenterSquare award is given each year to the CenterSquare team member who carries forth Frank’s legacy and exemplifies his outstanding qualities – a commitment to excellence, generosity of time and spirit, and an infectious optimism.

Kerry joined CenterSquare in 2022 working closely alongside our CEO and CIO Todd Briddell and brings the Firm’s values to life in all that she does. With an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Kerry dedicates her time and skills to various causes, embodying the true spirit of altruism. Beyond her role as an Executive Assistant, Kerry is a fervent advocate for community engagement and social progress. Her commitment to making a difference shines through her dedicated volunteer work across diverse initiatives; she is often seen lending a helping hand at local shelters and food banks during weekends.

As part of the Heart of CenterSquare award tradition, Kerry will also receive matching funds to support a philanthropic cause of her choice – The Joel A. Gingras, Jr. Memorial Fund known as The JAG Fund ( The mission of the JAG Fund is to celebrate the life of Joel A. Gingras Jr., raise vital funding for brain tumor research and increase public awareness of the disease.

Congratulations, Kerry, for this well-deserved recognition of your dedication to our values and impactful efforts toward positive change.