Front & Center Podcast: Episode 36 – Assessing Economic Indicators: REITs, Inflation, and Interest Rates

April 2024

This week on Front & Center, Uma Moriarity welcomes back Portfolio Manager Alex Snyder to discuss the impact of inflation on interest rates and the REIT market. Uma and Alex discuss the recent increase in the 10-year treasury yield and its effect on cap rates across various sectors. They then delve into inflation data, highlighting the discrepancy between reported inflation and real-time shelter inflation. The conversation then shifts to the state of the consumer and the strength of the job market. “Assessing Economic Indicators: REITs, Inflation, and Interest Rates” explores how these economic factors are shaping investment strategies and offers valuable insights for navigating the current market landscape. The episode concludes by covering the upcoming REITs earnings season and the potential for positive results.