Front & Center Podcast: Episode 35 – Sustainability Shift: Navigating Real Estate’s Regulatory Landscape

April 2024

This week on Front & Center Uma Moriarity welcomes Brad Molotsky, a partner at Duane Morris LLP specializing in real estate law, to examine the evolving role of sustainability regulations in the real estate industry and its potential implications for investors. The conversation covers topics such as transition risk, green building requirements, and sustainability reporting and highlights the varying levels of awareness and adoption of sustainability practices among real estate investors and operators. Uma and Brad then discuss the impact of these regulatory updates on real estate transactions and the growing consideration of climate-related risks by buyers and investors. “Sustainability Shift: Navigating Real Estate’s Regulatory Landscape” offers an insightful discussion, underscoring the role sustainability principles play in navigating regulatory changes effectively and mitigating climate risk across real estate strategies.