Front & Center Podcast: Episode 32 – Insights into Tomorrow’s Healthcare Spaces

February 2024

This week on Front & Center, Uma Moriarity is joined by Alex Snyder and special guest Jonathan Hughes, Director of Equity Research at Raymond James. Together, they discuss the ever-evolving healthcare space and provide insights into the demographic trends shaping the sector’s future outlook. The conversation begins by explaining how today’s aging population has triggered a “silver tsunami” of demand, shaping the healthcare sector’s trajectory over the next two decades. Jonathan then provides a look into the dynamics of key sub-sectors, highlighting regulatory nuances impacting both operators and investors alike and exploring the market forces at play. From senior housing to skilled nursing and outpatient medical facilities, “Insights into Tomorrow’s Healthcare Spaces” discusses the diverse array of sub-sectors driving healthcare real estate, each presenting a unique set of opportunities and challenges. As the episode closes, the group reflects on the implications of interest rates and market dynamics for healthcare real estate investors.