Front & Center Podcast: Episode 30 – 2024 Outlook Series: Investing with Insight in the Private Markets

February 2024

In our latest episode of Front & Center, Uma Moriarity is joined by Managing Directors Jeff Reder and Rob Holuba to discuss their expectations for the private equity real estate market in the coming year. The conversation begins by examining the current phase of the real estate market cycle and the potential for a reset in valuations. The impact of the credit market on the investment landscape is also explored, with a focus on the availability and cost of debt. “Investing with Insight in the Private Markets” delves into the bid-ask spread and price discovery, as well as the opportunities in the retail, industrial, and housing sectors. Uma, Jeff and Rob go on to highlight the importance of value-add opportunities and the potential impact of a weakening consumer on the retail sector. The episode concludes with the group sharing their overall expectations for the coming year.