Front & Center Podcast: Episode 19 – Space Matters: Redefining “Success” Within the Office Sector

October 2023

Co-Hosts Scott Crowe and Uma Moriarity welcome back a familiar voice to Front & Center – Real Estate Securities Portfolio Manager, Alex Snyder. In this episode, Scott, Uma, and Alex dive into the nuances of the office sector, dissecting recent market trends and addressing the impact of changing interest rates on valuations. “Space Matters: Redefining “Success” Within the Office Sector” analyzes the evolving definition of “quality” office space, examining how the pandemic has accentuated the desire for elements such as natural light, ventilation, and collaborative workspaces. The group goes on to discuss geographic and cultural disparities between cities like San Francisco and New York, contemplating the future of office and what key features could create an ideal investment opportunity within the space.