DEI Commitment

CenterSquare Investment Management has an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. This commitment is not only important to our company’s culture and to each of us as individuals, but it is also critical to our ability to serve our clients and grow our businesses. An important part of this commitment is founded on compliance with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations. We reaffirm CenterSquare Investment Management’s commitment to abide by these laws.

CenterSquare Investment Management conducts business and delivers services across a diverse set of clients, geographies, and jurisdictional borders. People across the company must be able to work effectively in cross-cultural teams and move seamlessly across borders to service client needs. Top talent gravitates towards leading world-class organizations where they believe they can achieve their greatest potential. CenterSquare Investment Management must and will foster a workplace where top talent:

  • Knows their unique perspectives matter and that their ideas are valued, and they can engage in creative and divergent thinking; and
  • Gains opportunities to make an impact to develop innovative breakthroughs, challenge the status quo and play a role in transformative change; and.
  • Contributes to a culture of meritocracy, where people are treated with respect and fairness, and evaluated and rewarded based on their effort and its outcome, without bias.

In an increasingly global, complex, and competitive world, it is critical for CenterSquare Investment Management to innovate, distinguish itself and stay ahead of the pack. Diversity and inclusion can be effective levers for increased productivity, greater profitability and improved risk management and governance.

At CenterSquare Investment Management, we define diversity as the differences that inform our individual perspectives and enable us to make unique contributions. We define inclusion as establishing and maintaining a workplace culture where all employees feel valued and respected and are given the opportunity to contribute to their fullest potential. Companies that are more diverse have proven more adept at innovating, winning new business, taking smart risks, and improving shareholder performance.

But diversity alone is not enough.

CenterSquare Investment Management is evolving the conversation to raise awareness and appreciation for attributes people develop, acquire, or have the power to change as fuel for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

At CenterSquare Investment Management, we strive to build a firm culture to:
  1. Attract, engage, develop, and retain a diverse talent pool.
  2. Integrate diversity and inclusion with businesses to drive high performance and client experience.
  3. Leverage diverse perspectives to advance a culture of inclusion and innovation.

Our leaders and managers are responsible for leading by example through bold actions, ongoing progress, and real results. We are continuing to increase diverse representation across our management and leadership ranks, leveraging existing and prospective talent. Our commitment to diversity, with a focus on inclusion, is evidenced in our policies, programs and throughout our business.