Front & Center Podcast: Episode 37 – Aligned for Success: Exploring Data Center Dynamics

May 2024

In our latest episode of Front & Center, Uma Moriarity is joined by senior leadership from Aligned Data Centers, a company that specializes in data center solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age. Featuring Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Andrew Schaap alongside Chief Financial Officer Anubhav Raj and Managing Director for CenterSquare’s Strategic Capital platform, Chad Burkhardt, this week’s conversation explores the company’s origins and innovative strategies that have positioned Aligned as an industry leader within the ever-evolving data center space. “Aligned for Success: Exploring Data Center Dynamics” discusses the current risks and opportunities impacting data centers and the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on future computing demands. The group also dives into key considerations surrounding the site selection process, Aligned’s proprietary cooling technologies, their sustainability initiatives, and the immense growth potential that still lies ahead for the data center industry.